Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is IRC good for Runescaperz or just a pain in the bum?

Been awhile since I posted here...

My Son and I were found the Runescape community on Swift irc tonight..

WOW Talk about ignorant arrogant people..

After a few seconds in the #rs-market room.
My ip was banned.

I dunno why.. I asked and asked..
One user.. (Acid) told me not to complain.

I told him that I was trying to do a review about irc and Runescape.
But he didnt care.

In fact in PM he told me he was GOD.

Draw your own conclusions. Yes irc is good for Runescaperz.
But only if their stupid bots dont bann you..
The admins in the room are asleep
many people get banned for no reason...
I saw 3 people complaining in the space of 5 mins that I was in #rshelp room
Thats where i found "Acid"
When I tried to explain that their bot was playing up..
He said..
Too Bad..
Im not lifting the bann..
How nice of him.

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