Sunday, December 17, 2006

How Lazer was Banned


It's easy...

All you have to do is complain publicly..

Start at the bottom... Thats where it all began...

Oh and a message for the Forum Moderator Neanta who finally banned me..

"Protect Jagex from the truth.. Sleep well knowing you saved Jagex from financial loss.. But you let down the whole internet community by refusing to allow free speech.."

FreeSpeech Gone
Looks like Im gonna get banned
Can I complain here?
I give up
Making Friends at Jagex
Shutup or we will ban you???
Lost Password Merry-go-round

Using the Jagex Forum..
(Mind you.. You have to be a paid member to even post there..)

Seems Jagex doesn't like negative comments about their customer service..

But what am I supposed to do?


"This is not your account. Please do not request it again or we may be forced to take action against you and any other accounts you use for misuse of our Customer Support service."

Shutup and go away?


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