Sunday, December 17, 2006

Banned from Forums


The Jagex system is setup to only let you send 5 messages to customer service..
and.. I have 5 in the system waiting for them to answer..

So when I recieved the previous message from them..

I had no where to go..

Except the Runescape Forums..

So.... I found the "rant" section and proceeded to rant..

But guess what..
All my messages were deleted and the subjects locked (so noone else could comment)
within minutes (sometimes seconds) of being posted.

Well... As you can imagine...
This made me very angry.

And tho I tried to get my opinion across..

They locked every forum I posted to..
and Started saying I would be banned if I continued..

Now read what they said to my last post titled "FreeSpeech??"


You have been given numerous warnings, all of which you have ignored. For this reason, I have no choice but to ban you. You may not discuss your account status or discuss Jagex issues here; this is clearly stated in the Forum specific Rules. You may only rant about in-game features implemented by Jagex here.
Please also keep in mind that the Forum Moderators do not make the rules; we only enforce them. If you are having problems with the rules, or with the actions taken by a Forum Moderator, you will need to take this up with Jagex directly. You need to contact Jagex with the following information:

The full name of your thread (where the issue occurred).
The name of the forum your thread was posted on.
The name of the Moderator in question.

Without this information, Jagex cannot complete a full and fair investigation.

Before you send your complaint to Jagex, we strongly recommend you to read the Forum Code of Conduct, and the Forum Specific Rules.

Taken from the Code of Conduct:

What about my freedom of speech?

Since Jagex owns and operates these private forums for paying members, the company reserves the right to decide what may or may not be posted.

This is not a breach of your freedom of speech; it is simply to protect all RuneScape players from content which they might find offensive or inappropriate. Remember that RuneScape is enjoyed by players of many ages and nationalities; please respect that others may not have the same point of view as you do.

Now I really like that bit at the end...

"This is not a breach of your freedom of speech; it is simply to protect all RuneScape players from content which they might find offensive or inappropriate."

I was trying to highlight a problem with Customer Service..
Is this "offensive or inappropriate."???

Because it is my only crime.

So therefore.. My freedom of speech was completely disregarded by the Forum Moderators.

Choose wisely where to spend your money.

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