Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who we are....

We are a Family of 3. All into Runescape.
We started playing just before easter 2006. Unfortunately at that time we did not understand the rare drops that occur on Runescape. So none of us have an easter egg. (From Easter 2006) Although I can remember chasing bunnies around when we just started.. :( I am the father of our small group. My name is lazerzap1 on Runescape.

My daughter is sarbearroxy

and my son is dandwc88.

We play Runescape daily. Sometimes we get together and go PK'ing or just co-operating to make a profit. It makes it easyier to setup trades etc when your all in the same room. We run 5 PC's in the house. A 466 Celeron running Linux as a firewall provides the internet to a couple of switches. We mainly use a P4 3 gig as our primary machine. Another P4 1.6 Gig as a secondary. With a P3 550 Mhz as last choice. :) My GF (Girlfriend - Runescape hater) plugs an Athelon 1.8 Gig into our network as well. As the father I always use the best machine. lol My son commandeers it when I am not around. My daughter mainly uses the P4 1.6 Gig. Much to my sons disgust.

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