Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Making a Million or 2

Edited - 12 Jan 2008 - Due to new updates (applied over the last few months) this method will no longer work. The shops do not operate in the same way any longer. Runescape now has unlimited amounts of stock available in all of the various shops.

Making money on Runescape isn't that difficult.
Although when I started I wondered how anyone was able to afford anything.
Just keeping up with the prices of the required armour and weapons was a daunting task.

Then one day I realized a way of making money...

For a long time I swore the kids to secrecy over this process.
Many of Sarah and Daniel's Runescape friends wanted to know how
level 40's had trimmed and GOD armour.
We all made our initial bankrolls this way.

This technique does NOT require any combat level.
But everyone needs to have a bankroll of at least 20k to begin.
You can do it with less money but you will find it harder.

First of all locate the Ranger (Arrow) Shops.

There is one in Varrock. There is also one in Rimmington.

(Note: Amounts of arrows and prices vary at each shop.)

The strategy is to buy addy arrows cheaply and to sell those arrows at a profit.

First of all get yourself located in a shop that sells addy arrows.

The shop in Varrock has 600 addy arrows available when full.
The price of a single addy arrow in Varrock starts at 80 coins.
If you buy 2 arrows they will be 80 ea.
But if you buy a third the price goes up to 81.
This is important to note.

The more arrows you buy the higher the price you pay.

(Note: I have sat buying arrows and seen people come in and buy the shop out of addy arrows.. Wasting a lot more money than they had to.. If they had just followed this technique)

From a full Shop of 600 addy arrows:

If you buy 2. The next one will cost 81.
Or if you buy 5. The next one will cost 84.
Or if you buy 10. The next one will cost 88.
Or if you buy 20. The next one will cost 96.
Or if you buy 30. The next one will cost 104.

You can buy more than 30 at a time in Varrock.
But your profit will not be so high.
Although it may take less time.

Alternately you can buy 10 or 20 at a time.
Making a lot more profit than what I have quoted.
But taking a lot longer to achieve.

I started on a world with 20k cash. In 10 minutes,

(After jumping worlds and purchasing 30 arrows each time.)

I had 210 addy arrows and was broke.

Now.. To get your money back...
Go to World 1 or World 3. Sell the 210 addy arrows in the same shop for 150gp ea.

Bingo.. 31500gp. You just made 11.5k in 10 mins.

Now work your way up to putting a Zero behind it..

Just keep repeating the pattern..
Until you get sick of making money this way..

In not very long at all you will be looking at figures like this...

Starting with 200k
You purchase 2100 addy arrows.
Selling them for 315k.
Making a profit of 115k in a little over an hour and a half.

Once you get to this level...
(And you can always go back to this as a way of making money..)

It is time to change to buying and selling trimmed armour.

The only trimmed armour that is popular is the GOLD trimmed armour.
Do not be distracted into purchasing the other varieties.

Concentrate on only purchasing the Black (G) Armour.

Purchase the items until you have a set.

Note: Skirts are much harder to sell than legs. They should be avoided.

Black (G) ArmourBuy PriceSell Price
Full Helm35-5055-65
Plate Body55-8595-105
Plate Legs35-6070-80
Kite Shield45-6570-85

Then sell the Black (G) set for 280k - 300k.
Repeat the process making a profit of at least 50k each time.

Pretty soon you will be working your way to GOD armour..

Don't get distracted with Addy or Rune trimmed armour.

Go straight for Sara..
Get the Sara Plate Body first..
Dont pay more than 1.1 Million for it.
(Less if possible)
Then concentrate on collecting your Sara set.
300 for a Helm
300 for Plate Legs
450 for a Kite Shield
Total Spent: 2.15 Million

Then sell it for 2.4 - 2.5 Million.
Making 250 - 350k profit.
Then do it again..


Good profit can be made from all Trimmed Armour.

Just be aware of the current prices..

If your not sure of the price.. Don't buy it!!

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