Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Expired Membership

We pay for our membership monthly. As a result. From time to time.

We find ourselves without Runescape membership.

Surviving this disaster requires a strategy.

Once your membership expires you will not be able to use member items.

You will also not be able to Bank any member items that you have in your
inventory unless you have more than one of that item in your Bank inventory.

So I would advise everyone to Bank all member items
before your loss of membership.

A Free to Play (F2P) user recieves 60 bank spaces.
A Pay to Play (P2P) user recieves 400 bank spaces.

The idea is to have multiple items in your Bank.
That way you can take an item out and replace it when required.

Of course new items that you find will not be able to be stored in the bank
unless you reduce your total to 59.

Or pay for membership again.

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