Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Best P2P Shield

I have tried a few shields on runescape..

From rune kites to defenders to GOD books..
With the exception of Dragon Shelds I've tried em all..

Unless your setup as a mage, without doubt the Rune Defender is the best.

Defenders can be obtained in the Warrior Guild.
The Warrior Guild may only be accessed by warriors or
in other words, melee characters.
As such, you need a total of 130 level by adding up your attack
levels and strength levels prior to attempting entry to the Warrior Guild.

The Defender adds a bonus to Attack and Defence stats.
Unlike most others (with the exception to Guthix Book)..

Attack Bonus: Stab: +20 Slash: +19 Crush: +18 Magic: -2 Range: -3
Defense Bonus: Stab: +20 Slash: +19 Crush: +18 Magic: -2 Range: -3
Other Bonus: Strength: +5

If you have GOD Books.. (and I have all 3)
You will find them almost useless once you aquire a Rune Defender.

Likewise a normal shield.
Although anti-fire shields still have a purpose.

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